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         Chicken on the Go!

    Around the world from here to there . . . . . the chicken goes most everywhere!  Check out the pics and see where Egglin has traveled.

            Chicken Events!


    Aunt Judy also conducts reading events, where children discover the world and the people in it as they engage in discussion and activities relating to social studies, culture and geography.

    Aunt Judy starts the program with an introduction to the world of books and how she started writing. She explains what an illustrator is and shows the children step-by-step how to draw “the chicken” and turn it into different things. Next is a PowerPoint presentation of the book, with children encouraged to join in the repeating verse. After the reading, Aunt Judy conducts an interactive discussion with the children about our differences and similarities. Questions and answers follow. The session is concluded with a lottery drawing for free coloring books and everyone doing THE CHICKEN DANCE!

    This program is ideal for grades K thru 4th, as Aunt Judy tailors each presentation appropriately to the age group. Event duration ranges from 30-50 minutes, depending on the age of attending children and their level of participation.

     A maximum of 200 children per session is recommended to facilitate the interactive discussions.  Your school or organization will need to provide the hardware required for PowerPoint presentations, and an easel and large pad of paper, dry erase board, elmo or overhead projector for the drawing demonstration.

If you are interested in booking a chicken event, CLICK HERE.

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